home loans | Home loans apply now

home loans | Home loans apply now

Home loans in Hyderabad. Home loan processors.

Lic Housing Finance offers home loans @ 8.5 % ( as of 04-07-2023 )

-for Applicants having cibil 800+ up to 15 cr.

Home loan processing can be a very complicated process for First-time buyers because it involves a lot of Technical knowledge required and Correct eligibility calculation and Planning required in applying for a loan.

Following is the Process

  • Application fulfilling
  • Income eligibility
  • Property Valuation
  • legal checking
  • Collection of Documents
  • Coordinating with the Customer for Documentation
  • Arranging and Submission of Documents to the Sanction department
  • Property Visit for Inspection or Project Approval if its APF Process
  • After sanction, Disbursement documentation
  • Submission of Appropriate Documents with all forms attached to the Disbursement department
  • Getting Disbursement Approval, Ready for Registration
  • Getting ready the draft
  • Registration, Post registration, Release of Funds to the Vendor.

Apart from all these, Post disbursement, Services such as IT Certificate, Repayment statement

Prepayment of loans and all other related services are Looked after by a Registered DSA /Consultant for the Particular Banking Institution.

So, Definitely ask for, DSA-CODE, Check the experience, and Visit their office and Branch to confirm the Credentials for the smooth Process.

It’s better to go with DSA than an Employee of a bank, as DSA is Usually More Experienced and Focused. So the process is Smooth and Accurate.

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